Seminar Project
Team: Angelica Lorenzi, Dennis Schiaroli, Luca Beltrame
Energy Design Department, University of Applied Arts, Vienna
Instructors: Bernhard Sommer - Galo Moncajo

BioMachine is an investigation on the possibilities of using clean energies in the future of urban scenarios. Considering worldwide demographic growth, mainly condensed in urban agglomerations and climate changing issues, the project aims to produce a machine like systems to help and support human life in the coming years. The structures of this organic machines is designed to contain the various 'organs of the apparatus' constituting the working systems. The idea behind BioMachine is to create an uncanny object which appears to be alive to stimulate both curiosity and most importantly awareness on the possibility of powering our living environments. Drifting away from non renewable and traditional methods of producing energy, BioMachine takes advantage of the bioengineering knowledge, exploiting renewable sources and living organisms like water and algae to naturally produce power. Furthermore, the system is thought to create a symbiotic relation with existing buildings, according to chosen and diverse sites as well as a self-sustainable organism to not only produce but also store energy for later purposes.