Stage design

The design can be seen as an open stage, without walls, a manifesto of the digital age that enacts the displacement of the physical and digital art objects. Stage and backstage are placed on an equal footing.

Backdrops are fluctuating in the space, mixing up different spaces in the world throughout different times. Cossyra works as a curatorial project. Where curation is privileged over artistic production. The creative act is located in the process of assembling, grouping and displaying works of work.

Cossyra is about a kind of platform monasticism, devoted to the spiritual expression of the discrepancy between the different modes of temporality and image that emerge between digital megastructures, reality and users; a gravity between the computational assemblage and its human and non-human inhabitants.

It creates a Now, capable of accommodating other Nows; a Now that looks back and ahead, and eventually can do away with the distinction between past and future.

Using unrolled uv texture maps on geometries which have a different surface taxonomy as an act of digital manipulated human embodiment of a furniture piece.