Los Angeles

Team: Angelica Lorenzi

Robot Garden is to be understood as a communal garden hosting edible plants for the post-digital society, is designed to promote urban agriculture and economic justice, while highlighting architecture’s role in implementing sustainable urban developments.
Robot Garden has two phases. First, the garden sculpture will be fabricated by a robot. The structure’s modular design can be customized to be built within an existing community garden or stand alone on unutilized land in an urban environment. Phase two is maintenance of the garden.

Edible plants, soil, and air are equipped with sensor devices. Three interlocking communication circuits orchestrate the performance: watering, lighting, text messaging. The watering circuit senses the low humidity of soil to instantaneously transmit the plant’s status with orange lights in situ and a watering request with a post to the community subscribed.

Anyone who comes to water the plants from the Instagram community has to be in the Garden and become active. However, the robot, equipped with a water hose, is in charge of watering the plants, it will only be activated when one of the three swings placed around the garden sculpture will be in motion.

The performative scenario of swinging people and moving robot wants to celebrate a healthy usage of technology.