Tekuno daiba

International Transtechnology Center, Tokyo

Studio Project
Team: Angelica Lorenzi, Alexander Nanu, Johanna Jelinek
Studio Hani Rashid, University of Applied Arts, Vienna
Instructors: Hani Rashid - Reiner Zettl - Hugo Jörg - Sophie Luger - Heldine Heep

We stated analyzing the cities biggest assets of Tokyo with the focus on its richness in technology and innovation . Going through that process of research some more existential questions came up. Our reality started shifting into electronic non space always accessible created by our devices. Everything has evolved into data, our emotions, opinions and experiences, expressed trough ones and zeros. Mankind starts to define its existance and identity through their devices. Nowadays we are living in such a remarkable and pregnant co existence and symbiotic relationship with technologies that we can even talk about post humanism, technoself and transhumanism. Taking all this in consideration we came to the conclusion that society is still not quite aware of how our perception of identity is formed by the constant presents of this cyber world we created. Therefore we wanted to create a physical platform for this non physical space. Creating a program that caters to this topic with analysis, observation, evaluation and visitors interaction with prototyped thranshuman technologies. An interactive technology center that evolves and flourishes with its visitors and research.

Architectural concept:
The transhuman concept aims for improving human abilities mainly trough scientific and technical research. Based on this idea we asked our selfs the question if we can design and develop an architectural space that is as strong as this electronically non space. The goal is to create a cybernetic organism, half organic , half machine wich represents such an augmentation.