Uncertain origin, 

Hofgarten Music Pavillion, Innsbruck

Architectural Workshop
Anomalies, Architectural design workshop, Innsbruck
Instructors: Studio Soqotra, Jose Carlos Lopez Cervantes - Cynthia Sanchez Morales

With the arousal of a new architectural movement in the 90's, along with a new understanding of form, classical arguments such as proportion, composition or beauty shifted to much more intricate concepts as aesthetics or genre. The workshop was researching the possibilities of new spaces based in the blob as a geometrical ontology. Architects like Greg Lynn (Embryological House), Friedrich Kiesler (Endless House), Peter Cook (Kunsthaus Graz) or Antti Lovag (Palais Bulles) have been exploring the qualities of this specific form.

Classical arguments such proportion, composition or beauty shifted to much more intricate concepts based on aesthetics genre. Genre triggers more interesting possibilities for classifying a category of artistic endeavors having a particular form, content, technique or the like, than the classical typologies. Design proposals become even more provocative when the result combine qualities of different genres without sacrificing its condition to belong indistinctly to both of those primitive genres. Opposite genres come together to produce novelties in the creation of new entities which never were combined before. Strange objects which their simply definition is incongruous because the accumulation of adjectives can't be pictured.

"...what is fascinating about the stone is that, as a mineral it is a thing; but in its prehistory, it was part of an organism...is the miracle that a bodily substance in a mineral form is a symbol of the bridge between what is dead and what is alive..."