Walk on the wild side,

New York

Bachelor Thesis
Institut of Experimental Architecture/Studio3, University of Innsbruck
Instructors: Walter Prenner - Michael Wihart

[Expulsion into Paradise]
Pension Monica is a refuge for intellectuals, aesthetes, humanists but it is also for anarchists or superheroes- louder “Monica’s” up! An exil for living action, production and discussion- architecture. Chosen character: Lou Reed

Plesure of errors_ How can a pain become a pleasure? How can this bloody thing which went wrong and that first causes a painful feeling, turn into joy and satisfaction? How can an architectural element of an inappropriate scale and dimension, a single badly done detail, a wrong colour or material choice, something you have trouble watching, something that irritates you, disturbs your perception and produces en extreme discomfort, grow to become the stimulus for your next project? A mistake, an error of your design process or an unpredictable result of a construction of your beloved design becomes an incredible source of excitement, an inspiration for your future work. You start feeling an incontrollable joy for these parts of your building, but they somehow control you. Errors control you, in uence you, only you can see them. You can not photoshop them. They are there and they will stay there. The pain they cause initially then turn into pleasure. You want to design your own errors. Fortunately, you can never repeat them. New errors will always appear. And you continue your on-going painful joyride. Such masochism!