Angelica Lorenzi 


  1. Are you my Narcissus?

  2. Schlaf gut Bussi Bär

  3. Beauty Queen

    table lamp
  4. Still Life

  5. Primavera

  6. Tree Sap

  7. Noah’s Ark

  8. Marghe 

    table lamp
  9. Denim

    coffee table
  10. Elleboro

    floor lamp
  11. N+E

    body pillows

  1. Moon

    table lamp
  2. Ascia

  3. Divination

    floor lamp
  4. Warrior III

    hanging lamp
  5. Cossyra


Angelica Lorenzi (b. 1990) is an Italian designer, multidisciplinary artist and educator currently living in Los Angeles. Angelica holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Innsbruck and a Master of Architecture degree with honors from Die Angewandte in Vienna. Her love for unconventional material applications, and traditional crafts at a small scale brought her to relate art to the design of interiors, products, and architecture.

Lorenzi creates works that draw on the knowledge and crafts passed down from our ancestors, reinterpreting them in the contemporary context. Her work, the result of a slow process of research, manifests itself through multiple identities that take the form of domestic objects, rituals and worlds that linger between the magical and the real.

Lorenzi's work includes lights, tables, mirrors, and vases that incorporate materials such as clay, cement, papier-mâché and fabric. Lorenzi uses traditional materials such as ceramic to create unconventional forms that dismantle traditional structures and conceptions of functional objects. Her sculptures often feature undulating glazes and tactile textures that replicate surfaces found in nature. Her work is inspired by an eclectic spectrum of references from Italian and American culture. From plants, flowers, and cartoon creatures to the contemporary imagery of the city imbued with its popular culture. Lorenzi interprets and combines this different aesthetics with the intention of creating works that subvert the everyday perception of domestic spaces.

Over the last six years Angelica has researched the function and form of utilitarian and decorative objects experimenting with a plethora of materials, in particular concrete, epoxy clay and ceramic. Her sculptural objects involve whimsy in both their narrative and assembly. Angelica's work has been shown in various international exhibitions and galleries, including the Venice Architecture Biennale, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, Cleo the Gallery, Modest Common and the Vienna Biennale. The floor lamp "Divination" and the table lamp "Apollo" are part of the Zabludowicz Collection.